Business Strategy

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. seeks to maintain and enhance profitability and cash from operations by continuing to pursue the following business strategies:

  • Offer Superior Quality, 100% Chemical Free Decaffeinated Coffees This starts with buying premium Arabica coffees, as the quality of the green coffee directly affects the quality of the finished product. SWDC then ensures the quality and integrity of the original green coffee is maintained throughout its proprietary production process. In addition, its proprietary carbon management technology captures caffeine while protecting the coffee’s body and flavour characteristics. Finally, because SWDC controls all aspects of caffeine removal, it can ensure that the process is 100% chemical free. Its carbon and green coffee extract never come into contact with methylene chloride.
  • Continuously Improve the Production Process – SWDC is committed to continuous improvement throughout its production process, and to leading the coffee industry in the science of decaffeination. This allows SWDC to further enhance its proprietary process and provide superior quality coffees to its customers. Through Six Sigma methodologies, statistical process controls and lean manufacturing initiatives, SWDC has dramatically improved its production process, thereby improving production efficiencies while reducing defects. In addition, these improvements have generated tangible improvements in the quality of its coffees.
  • Create Consumer Demand by Developing Brand AwarenessStrong brand awareness levels, premium quality and consumer demand encourage retailers to carry decaffeinated coffee products bearing the Swiss Water® Process brand name. SWDC strategically invests in regionally targeted initiatives designed to enhance awareness of the Swiss Water® Process brand and its chemical free proposition, and to increase demand at the consumer level. These activities include cost effective, regionally targeted media; public relations; customer co-marketing events; social media; and website management.
  • Leverage Higher Margin Selling Proposition to Retailers – As health-aware and sustainability-focused consumers are willing to pay a premium for healthy food options, coffee retailers can improve their margins – particularly on a by-cup or by-drink basis – simply by switching to chemical free Swiss Water® Process coffees.